Investors need better ways to judge where to put their money. That’s why we have decided to break new ground by publishing temperatures for more than 86 Lyxor ETFs*, based on detailed information we have on their underlying indices. We’ve developed a rigorous methodology to calculate these indices’ temperatures, with help from climate data specialist Trucost. There’s little doubt these models will keep evolving, but we believed the information to be too important to hide or delay. Filter by asset class, market, and/or exposure to display the warming impact your investments currently imply over the years to come – and compare with others to discover more climate-friendly options

*Having launched prior to the release of the EU Technical Expert Group’s final report on Climate Benchmarks and Benchmarks’ ESG Disclosures, and to the EU’s final Delegated acts, MSCI’s Climate Change indices will move (subject to market consultation as per the Index Administrator’s policy) to EU CTB indices (or Climate Transition-labelled benchmarks). As a result, they do not yet feature on this tool. We will be publishing their temperatures as soon as this work is complete.