07 Apr 2021

Our seals of approval

Green seals

Consumers are making increasingly mindful decisions on everything from utilities providers to investments and, as the new becomes the norm, we believe they need better ways of avoiding “greenwashing” and buying ESG funds as confidently as they do organic foods. 

To help you buy from us with that kind of confidence, we wanted to highlight which of our products are SFDR 8 or 9 approved under EU requirements and which have been given independent ESG labels, thus validating the veracity of their green credentials. 

There’s more to come too. We are pursuing an ambitious roadmap for fund labelling and expect to obtain the French Finance Ministry’s “Label ISR” for 30+ of our ESG ETFs by the end of 2021, giving you even more of the peace of mind you and your clients need.


SFDR Articles

8 and 9

Over 30 of our funds meet the requirements under the EU’s Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR). Click here to learn more about this new EU framework for sustainability disclosures.

Article 8

Products which promote environmental and/or social characteristics as part of their investment strategy, provided that the companies in which the investments are made follow good governance practices. At Lyxor, we have a number of Article 8 funds:

Article 9

Products which have a specific sustainable investment objective - for example, a financial product built specifically to support the low carbon transition and achieve the long‐term temperature goals of the Paris Agreement. At Lyxor, we have a number of Article 9 funds:

Download the full list here.

Want to know more about the “temperature” of your ETF? Visit our COtool.


Greenfin label – Finance verte

  • In 2019, the Lyxor Green bonds (DR) UCITS ETF was awarded the Greenfin label, the first national certification for private investments in a green economy introduced by the French government at the end of 2015 following the COP21
  • The label solidified its credibility as a fund committed to financing the green economy, as it demonstrates a high level of requirement for the ‘green’ quality of its underlying assets
  • Novethic, the leading expert in the assessment of sustainable finance practices in Europe, is the official auditor of the Greenfin label
  • Our Green Bond ETFs are also classified as SFDR Article 9 products

Label ISR

4 of our funds have received the “Label ISR” from the French Finance Ministry.

Source: Lyxor International Asset Management. Data as at April 2021.