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General guidance

Lyxor UK is the promoter of Lyxor UK Exchange Traded Funds. You cannot trade directly with Lyxor UK.

A number of technical terms are used on this website. If you are in any doubt as to the meaning of such terms, then you should first consult Academy section. There is also a FAQ function which explains some of the terms contained in the website. If you require further clarification please do not hesitate to contact us directly on, or call 0800 707 6956.


The Lyxor UCITS ETFs described on this website are not suitable for everyone. Investors capital is at risk. Investors should not deal in this product unless they understand, having obtained independent professional advice where necessary, its nature, terms and conditions, and the extent of their exposure to risk. The value of the product can go down as well as up and can be subject to volatility due to factors such as price changes in the underlying instrument and interest rates. If a fund is quoted in a different currency to the index, currency risks exist.

Prior to any investment in any Lyxor UCITS ETF, you should make your own appraisal of the risks from a financial, legal and tax perspective, without relying exclusively on the information provided by us. We recommend that you consult your own independent professional advisors (including legal, tax, financial or accounting advisors, as appropriate).


Counterparty risk:

Through Lyxor UCITS ETFs, investors are exposed to counterparty risk resulting from the use of OTC swaps with Société Générale. Pursuant to the UCITS Directive 2009/65/EC (as may be amended), the exposure of a UCITS to a swap counterparty which is a credit institution for the purpose of the Directive, cannot exceed 10% of the total fund assets. It is recommended that potential investors study the fund prospectus before investing.

As of June, 2015, the long term, senior, unsecured debt obligations of Société Générale were rated A by Standard and Poor’s Ratings Services (S&P) and A2 by Moody’s Investor’s Services Inc (Moody’s). Companies are rated by S&P from AAA (highest rating / most secure) to D (lowest rating / in default / most risky), and by Moody’s from Aaa (highest rating / most secure) to C (lowest rating / in default / most risky).

Liquidity risk:

Société Générale is not the only market-maker for Lyxor UCITS ETFs. Société Générale and any other market makers supporting Lyxor UCITS ETFs on exchange must follow the respective London Stock Exchange (LSE) requirements and guidelines. On-exchange liquidity may be limited as a result of a suspension in the underlying market represented by the index tracked by the ETF; a failure in the LSE, Société Générale or other market-maker systems; or an abnormal trading situation or event.


The following provides a summary of the key risks relating to Lyxor ETF. For further information on any product please ensure that you read the relevant legal documentation prior to investing. You can also find an explanation of key terms in our FAQ section.

E. Lyxor ETF Risk Factors

3.1. Capital at Risk

ETFs are tracking instruments: Their risk profile is similar to a direct investment in the Benchmark Index. Investors’ capital is fully at risk and investors may not get back the amount originally invested. Investments are not covered by the provisions of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (“FSCS”), or any similar scheme.

3.2. Counterparty Risk

Investors may be exposed to risks resulting from the use of an OTC (over the counter) Swap with Lyxor UK. Physical ETFs may have Counterparty Risk resulting from the use of a Securities Lending Programme.

3.3. Currency Risk

ETFs may be exposed to currency risk if the ETF or Benchmark Index holdings are denominated in a currency different to that of the Benchmark Index they are tracking. This means that exchange rate fluctuations could have a negative or positive effect on returns

3.4. Replication Risk

ETFs are designed to replicate the performance of the Benchmark Index. Unexpected events relating to the constituents of the Benchmark Index may impact the Index provider’s ability to calculate the Benchmark Index, which may effect the ETF’s ability to replicate the Benchmark Index efficiently. This may create Tracking Error in the ETF.

The Benchmark Index of a Lyxor ETF may be complex and volatile. When investing in commodities, the Benchmark Index is calculated with reference to commodity futures contracts which can expose investors to risks related to the cost of carry and transportation. ETFs exposed to Emerging Markets carry a greater risk of potential loss than investment in Developed Markets as they are exposed to a wide range of unpredictable Emerging Market risks.

3.6. Liquidity Risk

On-exchange liquidity may be limited as a result of a suspension in the underlying market represented by the Benchmark Index tracked by the ETF; a failure in the systems of one of the relevant stock exchanges, Lyxor UK or other Market Maker systems; or an abnormal trading situation or event.

The Sub-Funds are recognised Collective Investment Schemes for the purposes of Section 264 of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (the "FSMA") and the Prospectus is available to the general public in the United Kingdom on this website. You are advised that most, if not all, of the protections provided by the United Kingdom regulatory system generally and for UK authorised funds do not apply to recognised funds such as these Sub-Funds


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4.1. UK residents only

This site is intended for Professional Clients who intend to trade in Lyxor UK Exchange Traded Funds in the United Kingdom. It is not provided to any person who is a resident of any other country.

You should note that holdings in this product will not be covered by the provisions of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, or by any similar scheme. In particular, the investments can be neither offered nor transferred in the United States.

4.2. No investment advice

Nothing in this website constitutes advice on the merits of buying, or selling a particular investment or exercising any right conferred by the products described. Lyxor UK does not offer investment advice in respect of these products. Unless you are an institutional or professional investor, you should seek independent financial advice in relation to the products contained in this website.

4.3. Accuracy and reliability of information

The information in this website is, to Lyxor UKs knowledge, reliable and accurate but this cannot be guaranteed. The views of Lyxor UK reflected in this website may change without notice. Figures included in this website take no account of personal tax liability.

No investment decision should be taken without reading the Legal Documents relating to the particular Exchange Traded Fund concerned. A copy of the Legal Documents may be obtained from Lyxor UK at SG House, 41 Tower Hill, London EC3N 4SG upon request.

4.4. Disclosure of interest

Lyxor UK or its associates may from time to time have a position, or material interest in the products described in this website or the investments underlying them.

Generally Lyxor UK will be the only market maker in the Exchange Traded Funds discussed and will or may have provided significant advice in relation to the Exchange Traded Funds and the investments underlying them.

4.5. Tax Disclaimer

Any statement in relation to tax, where made, is generic and non-exhaustive and is based on our understanding of the laws and practice in force as of the date of this document and is subject to any changes in law and practice and the interpretation and application thereof, which changes could be made with retroactive effect. Any such statement must not be construed as tax advice and must not be relied upon. The tax treatment of investments will, inter alia, depend on an individual’s circumstances. You must consult with an appropriate professional tax adviser to ascertain for themselves the taxation consequences of acquiring, holding and/or disposing of any investments mentioned on this website.