Financing the future with fixed income

We believe investments should be held to higher standards, because the companies you support today will shape the world we live in tomorrow. Our green bond and ESG credit ETFs are just two of the ways we can help you make your mark.


1. It’s time to be on the right side of change

The day is coming when a company’s fortunes will depend on the size of its carbon footprint, the global warming scenario it implies and its willingness to address broader societal issues, just as much as ordinary financial metrics. The best investment decisions keep this bigger picture in mind. Our recent insight piece explains why we believe the long-term future of performance is green and responsible.

2. Unleash your potential

Investors are increasingly using ETFs as transparent and efficient ways to access the bond market more sustainably - but there’s so much more we can all do to help shift the trillions.

Our interactive guide explains how to use ESG bonds in your portfolios, why Lyxor is a natural choice for your investments and how best to construct more sustainable fixed income allocations.

Read our interactive guide to ESG bonds at Lyxor

3. Fixed income as a force for good

It is possible to take direct climate action with your bond portfolio – we asked Francois Millet, our Head of ETF Strategy, ESG & Innovation, to explain the genesis of our ground-breaking green bond ETFs, the role the Climate Bonds Initiative plays in selecting bonds for them, and the positive environmental impact our flagship fund has had.

Watch ‘Getting to grips with Lyxor’s green bond ETFs’, featuring Francois Millet

If you’re looking for something sustainable, but more benchmark-aware, watch Gregory Berthier, Head of Product, and Philippe Baché, Head of Fixed Income, present our range – including core and inflation-linked exposures. They explain why we partnered with bond specialist Bloomberg Barclays for our ESG credit ETFs, how ESG labels can help you make responsible decisions, and why switching to ESG is a simple, natural choice.

Watch ‘Building better bond portfolios with Lyxor ETF’, featuring Gregory Berthier and Philippe Bache

Want to hear more about the outlook for ESG credit?

In partnership with Bloomberg we’ve devised a 30-minute webcast on what’s next for investment-grade and high yield corporate bonds as the global economy recovers, and why investing in them sustainably could help secure a brighter financial future for those you advise and those you love.

Listen to the replay

4. Products for change

As an ESG ETF pioneer, Lyxor has been at the forefront of change for years. We were amongst the first to market with specific ESG-related themes via our water and new energy ETFs back in 2007. Since then, we’ve broken new ground numerous times. Earlier this year, we were the first provider in the world to publish the temperature scenarios implied by many of our ETFs.

Investing in our unique range of ESG bonds could help you secure a brighter financial future for those you advise or those you love. Take climate action today by investing in our SFDR 9-compliant Green Bond ETFs, or simply switch into our SFDR 8 ESG credit ETFs.*

These Article 8 funds use rigorous ESG screens, rather than simply overlaying basic filters on mainstream exposures. These screens exclude issuers with poor ESG ratings, or who are subject to very severe scandals, or involved in controversial business such as weapons, tobacco, thermal coal and unconventional oil and gas, to name just a few. The result is a “best in class” selection of bonds issued by companies with proven ESG credentials.

5. Don’t take our word for it

Not only do we have the EU’s SFDR labels attached to our funds, we’ve also gone a step further by obtaining independent labels which allow you to buy our funds with confidence. Our green bond fund was awarded the prestigious “Greenfin” label by the French government in 2019, and we are pursuing an ambitious programme of SRI labelling for our entire ESG range in 2021. Furthermore, most of our ESG range matches the responsible investment guidelines of the BVI, the German investment funds association.

*SFDR: Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation.
Source for data: Lyxor International Asset Management, as of April 2021.